About Me

and my approach

Specialising in responsive website design, I ensure that the sites that I design can be easily modified to work on a wide range of screens – from small-screen smartphones to the largest desktop monitors.

The design is a collaborative process, ensuring that feedback at every stage can be incorporated into a finished product that balances user experience with the business needs of the project.

The majority of my development work uses the WordPress platform – an open-source content management system with the flexibility to be extended with a wide range of features. This means that you can have anything from a small ‘brochure’ site to a large site spanning hundreds of pages and still have a customised site with a dedicated admin area.

What I can do for you

  • Website design and development tailored to your needs
  • Fully responsive sites that work across the full range of modern devices
  • A site that will be fast and accessible to all users, fully compliant with modern DDA requirements
  • SEO optimisations as standard
  • Full training on any site maintenance systems (such as WordPress admin)
  • Maintenance packages for existing sites
  • Optimisations for existing sites

Thinking of starting a project?

If you’re interested in starting a project, or have any questions about what I can do for you, please get in touch.

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