Why is site security important?

Does your existing site, or your plan for a new site, have any form of interaction? If there is any form of input, even a simple contact form, it’s never been more important to ensure that information passed over the internet is secure.

So where does an SSL certificate come in?

Simply put, an SSL certificate enables your site to ensure that all communication between the end-user (the visitor to your site, no matter what device they use) and the site server (where your site actually lives) is completely private.

When a visitor sees the site has a valid certificate, their browser will show the site address with a green padlock indicating the site is secured with a valid SSL certificate. They can be sure that any information they enter – usernames, passwords, personal information, card numbers etc. – cannot be intercepted or stolen en-route to the server.

Many modern browsers will now specifically warn if a site is not secure, especially when the page contains any areas that can contain user input, such as login forms.

Google results

An additional incentive is your Google results. Google are keen to promote site security, so they take SSL certificates into account when determining your site’s ranking. Obviously, the content of a site is still the most important factor, but adding an SSL to your site will do no harm to your Google results, and will only have a positive impact.

It’s never been easier to get an SSL certificate

There is a range of certificates you can get – from a basic certificate, which will give you a padlock symbol, to an extended validation (EV) certificate – which requires a thorough vetting process and gives you the full ‘green bar’ with your validated organisation name in the browser address bar.

As SSL certificates become more widespread, many web hosts will now offer the simple certificate as part of a hosting package for a minimal additional cost, or assist with the installation of an extended certificate.

If you have any questions on how a secure certificate could help your site, get in touch